For the E-Beam solution, Knovus converted a high speed web press into a high precision web press, capable of repeatedly finding and stopping within 0.005 of an inch of each registration mark on a 10,000 foot roll of material while controlling the output power of an electron beam used for curing inks and other material coatings.

The solution needed to advance the material continuously, index fixed distances, search and find registration marks, and vary the power of the electron beam in proportion to the rate of material advance and position.

Knovus developed a solution using an industrial rack-mount computer, touch-screen display, stepper motor and drive electronics, analog and digital IO modules, visible laser, amplified photo detector, and several other key pieces of equipment.

All of these items were integrated through Knovus software into a single solution controlled by a user friendly graphical touch screen interface. The system also included the ability for users to store and retrieve product specific operating parameters in order to reduce setup time between products and to ensure consistent results on future runs.

The use of a laser, amplified photo detector and sophisticated software algorithms enabled the system to find and stop within 0.005 inches of a registration mark printed on the material. This solution guaranteed product registration with greater accuracy and in less time than could be achieved manually, improving quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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